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Risk Racing® is a motocross company dedicated to designing innovative products. We are passionate about the sport and want to interact with others that have the same passion. Researched, designed and tested by professionals, our products provide users with functional, innovative solutions. They are engineered for reliability and performance in demanding environments and used by the best teams in the world.

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The Essential Dirt Bike Gear Guide

The Essential Dirt Bike Gear Guide

To enjoy dirt bike riding, you need to make sure that you have the right gear. If you are n...
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Young motocross rider riding and practicing on a motocross track while a coach instructs them from the side of the track

Motocross Training for Beginners

Beginners in motocross should focus on learning how to corner and jump. It’s also important to le...
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Motocross racer hitting a berm with loose dirt while on the throttle causing dirt to spray behind him as they ride through the turn? The rider has risk racing grips installed on their bike and are wearing risk racing motocross gear.

What are the Best Motocross Grips?

The Fusion 2.0 motocross grips have all of the benefits of a superior motocross grip with none of...
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Dirt bike resting on it's own two wheels in a garage because it has a kickstand installed

Why Do Some Dirt Bikes Not Have Kickstands?

The main reason for dirt bikes to not have kickstands is to reduce the weight of the overall bike...
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