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What Are the Best Motocross Supplements?

April 13, 2022 6 min read

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It’s undeniable that motocross is one of the most physically demanding sports. With that, you’ll have to stay at your prime form.

But here’s the thing. It could be pretty challenging to ensure your body is ready for the heavy-duty demands of motocross. Fortunately, training supplements are here to help.

The best motocross supplements are designed to cater to the physical needs of the sport. That being said, you’ll be needing supplements such as BCAAs, whey isolate protein, super greens, and hydration blends for your pre-workout and post-workout mixes.   

These top-quality supplements provide a string of health benefits that cover strength and stamina building as well as smooth recovery.

But, of course, before you actually take these, you’ll need to understand how they work. And so, this is where we come in.

Read on and find out the vital details you need to know about motocross supplements and to learn more about the four products we carry: IRIDE’s ProteinGreensRocket Fuel, and BCAA.


How Do Training Supplements Help Motocross Riders?

It’s no surprise that supplements are recommended for motocross riders. If you look at the nature of the sport, you’d understand its physical demands that cover muscle strength and endurance.

A lot of lifting, grip, balancing, and force exertion comes with the sport – not to mention the exceedingly challenging terrain filled with jumps, turns, and other obstacles. And that’s putting it mildly.

With all these skills and setup, training becomes imperative to ensure your body remains resilient against the physical pressures of motocross. 

As a result, riders often schedule a separate workout aside from their usual drills and practice on the track.

Pro motocross/supercross rider Ken Roczen working out to better his performance on the track. He is performing dumbbell rows.

Nonetheless, as athletes would tell you, these training and drills are not a walk in the park. But supplements can ease the burden and speed up your fitness goals in the following ways:

Increasing Energy

Since you’re exerting force when riding your dirt bike, it’s expected that you will feel exhausted after the motocross event. The same goes when you’re training or practicing.

Fortunately, supplements can significantly boost your energy during training and on race day. In addition, they help manage fatigue which is linked to low energy production.

Likewise, they can also improve your metabolism, enhancing energy production from carbohydrates and other organic substances.

With more energy, you don’t just train longer your mind also becomes sharper.

iride supplements pre exercise stack. Rocket fuel for energy and focus, BCAA's for for hydration and endurance.

Improving Stamina

Motocross is not just about skills and speed. It’s also a test of endurance. And as you may already know, you can’t stay resilient without sufficient stamina.

Stamina is pretty much determined by your energy level and your capacity to withstand extreme pressures.

You will have elevated adrenaline on the track, making you more active and focused. However, adrenaline alone won’t sustain your performance.

On the other hand, taking supplements helps you build more stamina. The key substances found in supplements allows your body to consistently produce bursts of energy and keep your muscle resilient from pain.

Motocross athlete filling their water bottle with iRide supplements BCAA's while sitting on the bumper of their moto van. Motocross bike in the van.

Stimulating Muscle Growth

Gaining more muscle will help you become stronger an more able to perform on the motocross track. However, muscle growth does not happen on its own – at least at the pace that you’d like it to.

Muscles tend to wear and tear during training or workout. This process leads to the expansion or multiplying of the muscle tissues depending on what type of training you focus on. However, the process can be slower, especially if you don’t undergo consistent levels of training.

Nonetheless, if you support your training with supplements that stimulate muscle growth, then you could secure muscle gains faster than its average growth.  

Enhancing Muscle Tone

Who wouldn’t want a toned muscle? There’s plenty of gripping and control involved in dirt biking as a whole. 

Your arm strength depends on your biceps and triceps. So toning these muscles does not simply improve aesthetics but, more importantly, their overall function.

Supplements often include ingredients that shape your muscles, such as creatinine, vitamin D, BCAA, and beta-alanine.

Multi time MXGP champion Antonio Cairoli training for strength and stability in the gym to better his performance on the track

Speeding Up Recovery

One of the downsides of rigorous training and motocross racing is muscle soreness. Sometimes it gets so intense that you can’t go back to the tracks for days. This could throw you off your schedule.

You see, when you’re doing strenuous activity like motocross training, lactic acid will build up in the muscle. This occurrence then leads to muscle soreness.

If you’re training without supplements, recovery from this condition can take longer compared to when you add supplements to your diet. This is because supplements contain ingredients that minimize lactic acid buildup and promotes faster healing.

What to Look For in Your Training Supplements?

Supplements may look the same at the sports shop, but there’s an unspoken rule of thumb when choosing the right training mix. 

It goes like this. Find the training supplements designed for your sport or workout.

Therefore, when looking for training supplements for motocross, choose the ones that are carefully designed, selected, and bundled for the physical demands of the motorsport.

Likewise, you have to find supplements that meet your goals and purpose for pre-training and post-training.

Motocross rider training. Rider is mid air flying by a risk racing feather flag.


Before you undergo intense training, you have to make sure that you have sufficient energy to ensure strength, endurance, and focus. Therefore, your supplements should be able to provide you with these physical requirements.


After your training or race, your priority health-wise is recovery. Taking supplements designed for faster healing and recuperation against complete exhaustion and muscle pain helps a lot in this stage.

Other Factors to Consider When Buying Training Supplements

Aside from purpose, don’t forget to look into other factors that may affect your taste and frequency of supplement intake.

For one, there’s the flavor and the convenience of preparing the mix. Then, of course, don’t forget the added nutritional values encompassing the inclusion of other nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

4 Recommended Motocross Supplements

There’s no need to harbor tens of supplements. In most cases, you can do away with a few as long as these supplements are packed with the right ingredients.

Now you may ask where you could find these motocross-appropriate supplements?

You can skip the trouble and check out these four motocross training supplements by iRide Supplements that we carry right here at Risk Racing.

iRide Protein whey isolate chocolate flavor 2 pound bag. 2 bags side by side. 1 facing front and 1 facing rear

1.      Whey Isolate Protein

Proteins are generally involved in many chemical reactions that facilitate energy boost, endurance, and recovery. 

That’s why plenty of supplements are packed with amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein.

With the Whey Isolate Protein, it doesn’t only provide sufficient power. 

But you can also easily recover from extreme exhaustion as it contains easily absorbable amino acids that speed up healing. Hence, this supplement is best for both pre and post-training/racing.

iRide Rocket Fuel pre-workout mix blue razz flavor 1 pound bag. 2 bags side by side. 1 facing front and 1 facing rear

2.      Pre-workout Mix Rocket Fuel

Sometimes your motivation to work out or train for motocross becomes misplaced due to a lack of focus and energy. Not to worry, you don’t have to surrender to lethargy just yet.

Take the Pre-workout Mix. It’s complete with high-energy ingredients that fuel your cells. In turn, it gives you a refreshed vigor to go through with your much-needed training.

iRide Greens prevention and support Green Apple flavor 1 pound bag. 2 bags side by side. 1 facing front and 1 facing rear

3.      Greens Formula

The Greens Formula is an all-in-one supplement that strengthens your immunity and provides health support.

Given the grueling nature of dirt biking, it’s not unlikely that you will feel sick from time to time. Whether it’s from an infection caught by your exposure to the elements or a condition stemming out from fatigue, having a robust immune system ensures extra protection.

iRide BCAA branched chain amino acids watermelon flavor 1 pound bag. 2 bags side by side. 1 facing front and 1 facing rear

4.      Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

BCAAs are critical for hydration. Its primary amino acids, leucine, isoleucine, and valine, play essential roles in recovery and energy production.

Taking this supplement will help you develop the necessary strength and endurance needed on the track. And as a result, you’ll perform a whole lot better.

Final Thoughts

Professional motocross racers don’t skip the supplements given that they don’t just improve performance, but they also ensure optimum health.

But of course, it’s not just the supplements that contribute to these conditions. Proper fitness training and a nutritious diet also impact your general wellness, a critical factor for the race.

Nonetheless, if you’re wondering where to buy supplements that cater to the physical demands of motocross, check out iRide supplements, particularly the Whey Isolate ProteinPre-workout MixGreens, and BCAAs here at Risk Racing.

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