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Factory Pit Racing Umbrella

  • Risk Racing® knows that motorcycle riders are determined to ride and race no matter what Mother Nature tosses their direction. Blistering sun or torrential downpours are no match for a passionate moto enthusiast.  When the weather turns bleak, or blazing, there is no harm in being prepared to battle back.

    • Model# 00198
    • 46 in. Nylon Canopy
    • Carbon Shaft
    • Comfort Foam Grip
    • Fabric Sheath with Shoulder Strap

Rain or Shine, this umbrella is the Shizzle in the Drizzle!

Risk Racing Factory Pit Umbrella Rain or Shine

Risk Racing® is now equipping riders with proper defense against sun and rain with the Factory Pit Umbrella. It is ready for any rider to grip it and rip it!  A quick press of the grip mounted button and this auto opening umbrella launches into action like a weather defying superhero!  Within less than a second, its massive 46-inch protective shell is deflecting UV rays like SPF 1million, and ricocheting rain like roost off a chest protector! 

Risk Racing Factory Pit Umbrella

Its carbon shaft makes even Samuel L Jackson proud.  Mr. Jackson knows full well that it’s the shafts’ duty to keep rain off that booty!  Afterall, without a strong shaft, an umbrella is nothing more than a really short tent.  Furthermore, without strong outriggers connected to that impressive shaft, an umbrella is just a wet blanket…and nobody likes a wet blanket!

Risk Racing Factory Pit Umbrella in Bag with Shoulder Strap
Risk Racing Factory Pit Umbrella in Bag with Shoulder Strap

When the weather is manageable, slide the Risk Racing® Factory Pit Umbrella into the included fabric sheath with shoulder strap.  Sling it across your back like a samurai sword, and enjoy the pleasant weather with hands-free freedom while always knowing that you are an umbrella ninja should dark clouds threaten again.

Risk Racing Factory Pit Umbrella

  Use it in the pits, trackside, or even as a motorcycle airbrake should your throttle hand get too vigorous for the conditions.  It isn’t guaranteed to slow you down, or be safe to do, but you will look stylish while trying!

Risk Racing Umbrella held by MX girl