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Plews Tyres - EN1 THE TOUGH ONE - Gummy - Extreme Enduro Rear Tire


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THE THOUGH ONE Rear Tire Selector

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🏁 Plews Tyres - 

  • Pattern Name: THE TOUGH ONE GP
  • Pattern Number: EN1
  • Terrain: Enduro
  • Ultimate Extreme Enduro "Super Soft" Tire: This tire is specifically designed for the most grueling one-day Extreme Enduro races.
  • Designed in the UK


Conquer Extreme Enduro with Confidence

Introducing the EN1 The Tough One GP - your ultimate companion for extreme enduro adventures. This tire isn't just a tire; it's your key to conquering the most challenging terrains.

The Ultimate Enduro Tire

Engineered for World Enduro Championship (WEC) and British Enduro Championship (BEC) style racing, the EN1 Tough One GP is your ticket to success on the most demanding tracks.

Enduro racer arched over his handlebars waiting to start his race. He's wearing Risk Racing MX Gear and his bike is equipped with Plews Tyres.

Designed in the UK

Born in the heart of enduro racing, this tire embodies British expertise in performance and quality.

Lightweight, High-Performance

Your journey deserves a tire that delivers exceptional performance without weighing you down.

Perfect Profile

The tire boasts a perfect round profile, ensuring a firm grip on hills, grass, and rocks. It prevents inward deflection, maintaining traction even in the most challenging terrains.

Super Sticky Compound

The rear tire features a super sticky compound with world-leading performance. This super tacky feel ensures exceptional grip, even in rivers, over rocks, and on steep hills.

Super Flexible Carcass

The carcass boasts a lightweight polyester construction, making it incredibly flexible for the trickiest technical races.

FIM Guideline Compliant

Both the tread design and tire construction adhere to FIM guidelines, ensuring that you're race-ready on the most challenging tracks.

The Ultimate Enduro Experience

The EN1 Tough One GP isn't just a tire; it's your gateway to dominating extreme Enduro races. This tire will give you the control and performance you need to conquer even the most unforgiving terrains. Elevate your enduro game with the Tough One GP. Order now and experience enduro like never before.

Extreme Enduro Mastery

The Tough One is an "extreme" super-soft tire, tailor-made for the most demanding one-day races. It's designed to handle the toughest terrains and challenges.

Compound Expertise

The compound used in the EN1 The Tough One is designed in the UK by world-leading chemists. It's a perfect blend of durability and grip, utilizing the latest technology and globally sourced materials.

Soft Yet Stable

Riders want a soft feel without the tire feeling dead or flat. The EN1 The Tough One strikes the perfect balance with an ultra-tacky sticky compound, an ideal profile, and a carcass that provides the right mix of softness and stability.

Tailored Tread Design

Both the tread design and tire construction are meticulously tailored to meet the rigorous demands of Extreme Enduro races, including FIM guidelines.

Super close up of a brand new 'The Tough One' Plews Tyre enduro tire in a black studio environment. Detail shot of the treads and sidewall lettering.

Master Extreme Enduro with Plews Tyres

Plews Tyre is not just another tire brand but a serious race tire provider from the UK. The EN1 The Tough One is a testament to their commitment to excellence. Whether you're gearing up for the toughest one-day races or tackling the most challenging terrains, this tire ensures you have the performance and reliability to succeed. Choose the EN1 The Tough One and conquer Extreme Enduro challenges with confidence.

THE TOUGH ONE Collection

Available in a rear tire only.



Need more than just a single front or rear tire?

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